Benefits of a Yi Jing Consultation

Life Journey Planning

Yi Jing gives you the “bird’s eye view” of your life journey, answering the following concerns:

  • Who am I?
  • Why am I here?
  • What is my mission in this journey?
  • How can I plan my life? (in three stages: youth, middle age, wisdom/legacy years)
  • How can I have the best productivity in the journey?
  • How can I reach the spiritual realm?

Value and Status

Understand what to do in order to improve your value and achieve your status in this life.

  • What to do in order to gain respect and validation from society and in God's eyes
  • What to do in order to help yourself become the best person in both material and spiritual realms and to gain the best value

Knowing Yourself

When you get to accept yourself, you are able to become the noble person and have the best joy and happiness in life.

  • How well do you know yourself? Understand your blind spots
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? Understand how to transform them o What is your personality and your behaviors? Understand how to use them
  • What kinds of masks do you wear? Understand how to learn from them
  • How you can change yourself in order to enjoy life


Improve the quality of relationship with yourself, your family members, your spouse and close members.

  • How to find the best friends and business partners
  • How to determine who is best fit to be your spouse
  • How to better understand your spouse and make the best relationship possible out of your common affinity

Wedding Event

Learn where and when to have your wedding ceremony.

  • Learn the best time for the ceremony to take place based on you and your spouse's Yi Jing
  • How best to decorate the location
  • What is the best color for the wedding couple and guests to wear to the ceremony

The Dao of Pregnancy

  • When is the best date and time for conception
  • How to plan the full ten months of pregnancy
  • Determine the best birth-day for the baby
  • Plan the baby's first nine years of growth

Healthy Longevity

Take control of your own health; prevent disease and improve the quality of your own life. Learn the power of your internal Organs, including any weakness of certain Organs.

Yearly, Monthly & Daily Advice

Every person has their own "Guardian Angel" on duty in every year, month, and day. Once you know your own guardians, you can then accept the blessings and engage their power – this is how you follow what is your nature.

A detail advice sheet will be given to help you smoothly navigate through your entire life.

House Choice and Decoration

Learn what kind of house is best for you; which type of home will give the best productivity in life for each member of the household

  • Discover the best place for you to live
  • How to decorate your house inside and outside
  • Learn the functionality of every room
  • See how to fix any Feng Shui defects of the house or any of its rooms

Professional/Occupation choice

Find out what profession/occupation you are best suited for.

  • Discover what other great skills you have
  • What to study and what kind of education is best for you
  • How to help children's education and make best choices for their future

Wealth Management

  • How to improve your income and wealth level
  • How to attract the right income opportunities
  • How to improve financial management skills
  • How to stop leaking your money

Yi Jing for Corporation/Busines

  • Improve productivity
  • Establish a plan and focus for daily, monthly, and yearly goals
  • Learn who should be in each role/position
  • How to improve products/output
  • Determine your sales platform
  • Learn how to increase your sales and profit
  • See how to get public recognition
  • Learn who would make best business partne
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